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Information About Video Clips

PLEASE NOTE! The short video clips taken at the Sancturary do not adequately represent the quality/clarity seen on the DVD Versions.

Also note that some of the videoclips provided by YouTube are not affiliated with ECETI and should be viewed with your own disgression. ECETI does not make any claims about some of the validity of the clips provided by YouTube. ECETI is not responsible for the removal of certain videos at the submitters request.

Click On The Links Below The Images For The Player To Pop Up To Full Viewing Size. You May Need To Also Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker To View The Clips.

Recent UFO Multimedia & Video Clips


July 6, 2012

July, 2011 Compilation

3 Low Flying Objects

Ambassador Training UFO's

UFO Multimedia & Video Clips


4 UFO's In Arizona

NASA Alien Anomolies

Triangle Ship

Edgar Mitchell UFO



Bethlehem Ship

Plasma Ship

Plasma Ship Phase Out

Morphing Ship on Ground

UFO Stop


ULO Mt Adams

KunMing China UFO

Alien Contact

An Answer To SETI

UFO Sighting In South India


Aliens in Craft

UFO In Mexico City

UFO in Nanjing

Flordia UFO

UFO on Fox News

Southhampton UFOs

CNN on Phoenix Lights

UFO Over Glasgow

UFO Over London I

UFO Over London II

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