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Crystal Skull Ceremony

A few years ago one of the owners of a crystal skull contacted me and asked me for help. It seems the skull had a life of its own and was creating havoc in her life. It was merely amplifying unfinished business. I was told in meditation to accept the skull and as soon as it comes on the property to bury it for three days. I did and we had a flurry of small earthquakes. I was then instructed to put it in water so I found a small waterfall and put the skull under it. We then had torrential rain. The next message I received was to put it up in the air so I found a place on top of our pyramid upon which mini whirlwinds appeared even in the house. Each process was for three days. The last was fire and I was told to put it in front of the fire pit and light a nice fire. At the time I had a reporter for the Columbia Newspaper and several other guests. A large cloud began to appear above us. It had multicolored lights flashing throughout the cloud. It continued for quite a while until the reporter and others ran for their cameras. As soon as they lifted their cameras to photograph it the lights ceased. Apparently the experience was only for the people at hand. I was told there are very few that can activate and handle the energies of the skulls. It has to do with spiritual advancement and DNA another long story. The owner of the skull had an identity crises and decided to take it back being no longer keeper of the skull. Do not know where it is presently yet wish I could do a little more experimenting with it taking caution due to the obvious ability to alter the elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

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